Me voy. Me voy

Paula Giménez Monar


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On December 31, 2015 the Valdeska bookstore in Valencia closed its doors definitively after forty years of activity. It began, developed and ended without concessions. On its business card it was described as a non-bookstore, and Sergio, its owner, as the stealthiest bookseller in town.

During a visit to the Stockholm library, Sergio felt any accumulation was strange. So many books, so many authors, sapped his energy. He decided he would continue among books, but not selling them. I am leaving. Me voy is not the story of a bookstore, nor the portrait of an unusual bookseller, it is a will to fix things in the filmed images, to make something lasting by showing the moment of its disappearance.

Direction, production and photography: Paula Giménez Monar
Editing: Paula Giménez Monar, Lluís Zayas
Sound: Martí Albert

Edition First
Format DVD film
Language Spanish
Total Length 31 min.
Size 130 x 130 mm.