Michele De Lucchi

Maria Cristina Didero, Steven Guarnaccia


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Michele De Lucchi – Architect, designer, creator, entrepreneur, craftsman and painter: the magic formula of Michele De Lucchi’s talent is undoubtedly encapsulated in his thick beard, a witness to the passage of time on his multifaceted career.

From the historic Tolomeo lamp to the First chair, from the objects designed for Olivetti to the more recent Produzione Privata, in this book the objects signed by Michele De Lucchi are described through the texts of Maria Cristina Didero and the ironic and whimsical illustrations of Steven Guarnaccia, who reread them through colorful and unexpected associations of ideas.

Michele De Lucchi’s conceptual exploration around design is an expression of a reflection on oneself and simultaneously on the human context that will surround each finished object. With completeness and lightness, this volume presents the production of a protagonist of contemporary design, dwelling also on his approach and personal vision of designing.

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Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 144
Size 130 x 200 mm.