Montaña Tai Shan

Corte Moderno, Irkus (M) Zeberio


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Montaña Tai Shan is a collaboration between illustrator Irkus (m) Zeberio and the members of music band Corte Moderno, Jordi G. G., Xabel Ferreiro and El Ortiga.

Corte Moderno is a conceptual rock band with a focus on narrative: their peculiar music generates a continuous story that is divided into chapters, each of them accompanied by a multidisciplinary collaboration. Thus, the first chapter, their first EP (Corte Moderno, 2013), came with a 16 mm short film directed by Miguel Rojas and Rafa Castells on which hooligans murdered the singer after he received mystical revelations about the Tai Shan sacred mountain. The third chapter (Multiverso, 2014), which appeared before the second one, saw the group embarking on a space battle in an 8-bit style videogame on which the main goal was to retrieve the three band members’ instruments in order to win their single. And the second chapter, this Tai Shan Mountain, appears in comic book form thanks to renowned Irkus (m) Zeberio and tells the story of Jordi and Xabel’s climb of Tai Shan Mountain to rescue El Ortiga and return him to the world of the living.

The record includes four tracks (Ratas, Píntalo de Verde, ¡Rápido Pili!, and Montaña Tai Shan), and the comic book illustrates them and combines the two formats to produce a single story full of adventure, mysticism and friendship.

Both the comic book and the cover and postcard are printed in 2 colors, reflex blue and acid green, with exceptional graphic quality.

Author ,
Edition First, 300 copies
Format 4-track 7” vinyl record with booklet
Total Length 10' 32
Pages 20
Size 185 x 185 mm.