Música. Cinco puntos para hacer explotar un corazón

Maitane Beaumont Arizaleta


Under what is known as “classical music” are hidden centuries of stories about searches, discoveries and fascinating sonic revolutions. Approaching them from a carefree listening offers the possibility of wandering aimlessly, letting oneself be carried away and enjoying paths that lead to unknown and marvelous places. However, developing a more concrete type of listening that seeks to answer the question of how music works can open a huge door that allows us to enjoy it in a completely new way.

Composers are architects who project, design and build their works using sounds and silences. To do this, they have had to devise a technique that allows them to make the most of the expressive possibilities of their materials and thus create their own language. To fully process the information in that sound message and enjoy it in its entirety, the interlocutors, the listeners, need to sharpen their ears: to learn to listen actively and attentively to recognize the rhythmic, melodic and harmonic elements of each music and to examine the aspects related to its texture, color and form.
In this way, the listening experience is illuminated and the heart bursts.

Maitane Beaumont Arizaleta (teacher from the Public University of Navarre and graduate in Music from the Conservatory of Music of Navarre) is a professor in the Department of Musical Language and Theoretical Subjects at the Professional Center of the Conservatory of the Liceu and associate professor of Didactics of Musical Expression at the University of Barcelona. She has taught numerous courses of analysis, musical dissemination and auditory perception, and has programmed several concert series with the aim of bringing classical music to all audiences.
As a violist and singer, she participates and collaborates in initiatives that combine music with different means of artistic expression, such as visual arts, theater or dance.

Edition First
Language Spanish
Binding Softcover
Pages 120
Size 130 x 210 mm.