Nueve nombres

María Huertas Zarco


In March 1974, more than two hundred women were transferred from the obsolete and outdated asylum of Jesus to the Psychiatric Hospital of Bétera. They arrived in buses, in several batches, from one day to the next, without being informed where they were going, why, when or how. They arrived with nothing, because they had nothing.
All these women had been stripped of everything.

They had no clothes, no shoes, no toiletries of their own, no photographs, nothing to remind them of what they were like before they entered the asylum. Locked up, punished, humiliated and medicated for years. Alienated and dehumanized. Not only had they lost their lives; they had also lost the memory of having had them. Isolated, without memory and without identity, they had not even managed to keep their own names. Recovering them was the first step to return.

María Huertas Zarco is a psychiatrist and a feminist. Head of the Mental Health Service of the Department 09 of the Valencian Community since 1986, and promoter and co-director of the Master in Rehabilitation and Social and Labor Reinsertion of People with Severe Mental Disorders (TMS) of the University of Valencia from 1987 to 2005. She has directed and promoted programs such as Albanta, Agora and Alalba, of rehabilitation and social and labor reinsertion for people with severe mental disorders, financed by the European Social Fund, the National Association of Women for Health since 1986 or the International Network of Women in Black since 1992. She has also been a consultant for various programs of the Conselleria de Sanitat de Valencia and the Instituto de la Mujer de Madrid. Between 1973 and 1980 she worked as a resident and then as an associate physician at the Bétera Psychiatric Hospital.

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