Of Puppets and Humans

Ciprian Mureșan


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Of Puppets and Humans aims to reflect in the margins of the dialogic convergence between theatre and art in the artistic practice of Ciprian Mureșan, a practice constituted both as a speculative form of understanding the world and as a means of humanising the real.

Inviting the reader to examine a selection of four works conceived by the artist between 2009 and 2015 and setting out from a (subjective) “rewriting” of a number of dramatic texts, this publication puts forward, through the contributions of its guest authors, a possible interpretation of Mureșan’s fascination for the “aesthetics of the human”.

With contributions of: Marius Babias, Gianina Cărbunariu, Florence Derieux, Miklós Erhardt, Alexandru Polgár, Iulia Popovici, Saviana Stănescu, Alina Șerban, Silke Wittig.

Edition First
Language English and Romanian
Binding Hardcover
Pages 272
Size 200 x 270 mm.