Organs of a Divided Labour

Jeremy Ayer


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“In the field of corrosion-resistant stainless steels, there are various terms to acquaint oneself with in order to be better informed of their chimerico-chemical properties. Terms such as stainless, rustproof, rust-resistant, corrosion-hesitant, corruption-proof, chromium steel, chromium-nickel steel, chromium-kryptonite steel, incorruptible steel, inhospitable steel, and inumbratable steel are frequently usedHermetically sealed and hermeneutically contained, under perfect conditions, these types of steel cannot cannot be compromised by any malign influence. Rusts flowers find no ground on these bright and superficial surfaces when prepared to specification. ” –Leila Peacock
Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 224
Size 240 x 320 mm.