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It’s the first (and self-titled) record of brand new young band Pacífico, fronted by Miguel Rojas and with Toni Amaya, Oscar Huerta, Pablo Garrido and Guillem Peeters as band members.

Pacífico is a simple, straightforward record pretending to be nothing more than that: a simple, straightforward rock record, with confessional lyrics and beautifully crafted arrangements.

Four songs portraying the youth and energy of its members, with a mixture of vigorous vitality and a certain existential melancholy that sound like the summertime, like the sea and like being twenty years old.

This is by far the most unreservedly direct and simple project we have published. And it’s probably, in its discretion, the most coherent one.

Edition First, 200 copies
Format 4-track 7” vinyl record
Total Length 7' 10
Size 185 x 185 mm.