Papeles Subterráneos

Abel Cuevas, César Prieto, Manuel Moreno


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Papeles subterráneos: Fanzines musicales en España desde la transición hasta el siglo XXI serves as a continuation and complement to Todo era posible, a book which reviewed the life and influence of Spanish countercultural magazines from 1968 to 1983.

A fanzine is, by definition, a magazine made in an amateur way and with the love and passion of a fan. They have served for many people to get up on a podium (a tiny and poorly armed one) and shout the goodness of something they loved madly, whether it was a musical group, a comic book author, a film director or whatever. It’s something created by a few and intended for a few more. Messages in a bottle that dream of reaching an addressee.

Throughout 300 pages full of images and with explanatory texts in Spanish by César Prieto, Papeles subterráneos reviews new wave, punk, garage, modzines, indie, pop, bizarre and unclassifiable fanzines of the last 45 years of Spain’s history.

The book is completed with a questionnaire answered by more than twenty fanzine creators of the last decades in which the objective and subjective importance of fanzines in our cultural education is analyzed.

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Edition First
Language Spanish
Binding Hardcover
Pages 306
Size 220 x 310 mm.