Chus Antón, Grégrory Clavijo


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Grégory Clavijo and Chus Antón have been sharing for years a common obsession with the fan movement and teenage pop culture. They had long wanted to make a book applying the heterogeneous iconography of Japanese “icon books” ( short monographs dedicated to a rising star, usually in film or music) to an anonymous girl.

When they finally met Edith, almost by chance, they knew immediately they had found the muse they were looking for. So, over the summer of 2019, they spent days with her and stylist Yeon You, who created various looks using only Edith’s own clothes.

The book design is by Paris-based studio Faye and Gina, who put special emphasis on the cover logo, inspired by the 90s fan aesthetic.

Author ,
ISBN 978-84-121495-0-0
Edition First, 250 copies
Binding Hardcover
Pages 80
Size 190 x 250 mm.
Designer Faye & Gina