Photos 1954-1995

Karlheinz Weinberger


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Karlheinz Weinberger worked in a warehouse in Zürich for over thirty years, but he lived a double life. He made photography in his spare moments for the gay underground magazine Der Kreis in the 1950’s.

His homoerotic pictures marry the neo-classicism of pre-war queer photographers to a new, more relaxed, documentary style which took America, as much as antique Greece, as its emblem, and the working class body rather than the classical nude, as its object of desire.

For Weinberger, eroticism was always grounded in the quotidian — a revolutionary and courageous approach back in day. In the late 50’s the photographer started to develop an obsessive interest in the nascent biker culture and its proud and self-confident celebration of the body, embarking on a longtime study of their lifestyle.

Weinberger’s photographs are a unique document both of pre-Stonewall gay culture and post-war youth culture and its cycles, all imbued with a mischievous sense of humor that makes them as vibrant and vital today as they were when they were first taken.

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