Pintar la muerte

José A. Ortiz


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When visiting museums I always look for post mortem portraits, a genre with a long tradition in art history. That morbid look at the deceased to preserve his image through painting, photography or the creation of funerary masks taken directly from the dead face with a plaster cast, both horrifies and attracts me at the same time. I am deeply struck by this interest in fixing this vision of a person precisely when he or she is no longer a person, when he or she is no longer there.

During my father’s last night, which I spent sitting next to him in a hospital, in those hours of silence and shadows, many of the paintings I had seen and studied for years came to mind. It comforted me to remember iconographies of death and transience, they helped me in parting with him. I looked to what I knew to understand and comfort me in the painful process of loss. Translated with (free version)

Edition First
Language Spanish
Binding Softcover
Pages 120
Size 130 x 210 mm.