Preparation K

Keegan McHargue


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A collection of recent colored pencil drawings by artist Keegan McHargue. Preparation K is a fresh peek into the artist milieu. The drawings takes us on a provocative behind-the-scene journey examining the many layers of the self and society.

Classic themes of night/day, work/play, inside/outside intertwine with current news headlines and history to create an openended narrative. From cover to cover, Keegan’s kaleidoscopic vision keeps you itching for more.

As a painter, sculptor, choreographer, and musician, Keegan McHargue is concerned with the tension between tragedy and comedy that lies behind the banality of everyday life. McHargue’s semi-abstract mixed-media paintings and colorful assemblages blend identifiable figures with objects of the artist’s imagination; he is particularly inspired by music for his use of color and abstraction.

Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 28
Size 195 x 255 mm.