Pilar Aymerich


The first feminist protest in Barcelona after Franco’s regime took place in front of the women’s prison Trinidad in March 1976. They demanded that the nuns “Evangelical Crusades of Christ the King” be replaced by state employees, improved living conditions for the inmates and amnesty for crimes that discriminated women, such as adultery, abortion or abandonment of the family.

Finally, in 1978, the nuns abruptly left the prison. While officials arrived from different parts of the country, the inmates themselves had to take charge of the infrastructure of the center. During this unexpected community exercise of self-management, photographer Pilar Aymerich managed to enter and document that historic moment.

Presas collects this previously unpublished report in its entirety, along with the testimony written by Pilar Aymerich herself, a key figure in the feminist and cultural awakening of the late Franco era and the Transition, and winner of Spain’s National Photography Award 2021.

Ojos de Buey is a collection dedicated to documentary photography made in Spain in the last fifty years; a series of periodical publications, each one focused on a determined photographer’s work.


Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 52
Size 160 x 213 mm.