Punt Final

Roc Herms


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In February 2019, Roc Herms and I met for the first time in a long time. I asked him how he was doing, and why he had abandoned the motorcycle trip around the world that he undertook, alone, after we published his book Postcards From Home. His answer was rather harsh. His mother became ill, and he was forced to cut short his adventure and fly back from South America shortly before she passed away. A few months later his father also became ill, dying the following summer. Both within a year. Both of them of cancer. Both in July.

Excerpt from editor Luis Cerveró’s text included in the book.

He told me how while clearing out his parents’ apartment he discovered that in their library most of the books still had a reading point between their pages. Some were at the beginning or at the end, but most of them were in between, and most likely marked the page where they had left off reading. He found that illustrative of what a lifetime is like. Or, in this case, two shared ones. A pile of books, of texts and images, unconnected, juxtaposed, marked at a point that remains fixed and unalterable the day you die. Here I have come this far, here I quit, this is what is important, what is noted, this has no relevance but has been marked forever. It is the final, definitive and absolute point that is only reached with death.


ISBN 978-84-121495-5-5
Edition First
Binding Perfect bound
Pages 304
Size 210 x 300 mm.
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