Querida Theresa

Laura C. Vela (ed.), Theresa Parker Babb


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A surprisingly forgotten photographic archive from the late 19th century. In it, several women eat, drink and love dressed in corsets, hats and long skirts. Sometimes they wear men’s costumes or travel by boat in their petticoats.

They pose in the countryside while picnicking, photograph their walks or their rituals, making their everyday life something precious. Thanks to this work, the author Theresa Parker Babb (1868-1948) is no longer a mystery.

Querida Theresa is an experimental and daring book, with black and white photographs and five short stories; it is the manifestation of the authorship of an artist who today dialogues with others: Marta Jiménez Serrano, Sara Torres, Rosario Villajos, Pilar Bellver and Valeria Mata.

The writers carry out a brilliant exercise of imagination filling the lost gaps of history with different unpublished stories in which they talk about photography, impossible loves or hidden loves. Family secrets or, in general, of everyday life in the town of Camden (Maine) at the end of the 19th century, where Theresa’s photographs were taken.

Author ,
Edition First
Binding Hardcover
Pages 104
Size 150 x 200 mm.