Reasonable Blood

Adrià Cañameras


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Adrià Cañameras was invited by his friend Jorge M. Fontana to document the whole process of filming his first feature film: Boi. Adrià visited the shooting day in and day out, accumulating hundreds of photographs. The quantity and quality of the photographs was such that the film’s producer, Pedro Hernández Santos, was keen to turn all that material into a book to coincide with the film’s release. That’s when they recruited Terranova as the publisher and Robbie Whitehead as the designer.

Robbie is among those in charge of Apartamento magazine, and it was precisely in Apartamento where a text by Jorge M. Fontana appeared in 2014, which ended up being the basis for the film Boi. So this book has come full circle as well as taking its title from the novel that the main character tries to publish unsuccessfully in the film.

In this book, Robbie and Adrià attempt to follow a parallel and complementary path to that of the film, generating situations and meanings that often add to, alter or enrich the main plot.

The book is printed in offset and its red covers contain gold stamped text and two black screen prints on both front and back covers.

ISBN 978-84-948107-8-7
Edition First, 300 numbered copies
Binding Softcover with flaps
Pages 120
Size 200 x 240 mm.
Designer Robbie Whitehead