JH Engström


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Revoir revisits JH Engström’s seminal book Trying to Dance, published in 2004. A flashback to a period between the mid 90’s and 00’s, this return to memories sixteen years later is a new edit from those same negatives. Roughly two-thirds of the images have never been published or publicly seen – this archive of unknown, nostalgic work now set amongst the familiar faces of the artist’s past.

JH Engström’s work confronts and challenges. Captured moments are raw, intimate; a vulnerability in nudes, a knowingness in an accidental still life. Washed-out colours –faded like memories and shrouded in dust– are punctuated by vivid shades, solarised and strange, Engström’s narrative is a disjointed and dream-like one. These moments are the lucid recollections of something once forgotten.

Edition First
Binding Hardcover
Pages 244
Size 230 x 295 mm.
Condition As New