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Roman Signer


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“A red flag was stuck soaking wet on a flagpole in Beijing. Back in Switzerland on August 1st, I saw a red flag that had become wet from the rain and was stuck to a flagpole. In both cases I only saw a red strip of cloth on a pole. I thought it can’t be the color that annoys some people here in Switzerland. It’s rather the shape of a flag. A red flag.

In this installation a piece of cloth rises to the ceiling and then slowly floats back to the floor. The cloth has the shape of a square and is RED. For me, color is not political.” Roman Signer

Swiss artist Roman Signer has been redefining sculpture for more than 40 years and is now regarded as one of the finest representatives of Process and Conceptual art. He produces elementary dynamic sculptures and installations, also known as time sculptures for their preoccupation with the transformation of materials and objects through time. In his actions, acceleration and change are part of the creative process and he uses photography and moving image to document his work.

Edition First
Binding Softcover flipbook
Pages 340
Size 120 x 50 mm.