Santa Bárbara Bendita

Àngel García


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Summer 2012, Europe is in crisis and the vulnerable southern economies are feeling the hardest hit. One of the most affected industries in Spain is mining, where the cut-off of public aid comes abruptly. In the absence of a plan to reconvert the sector and relocate workers, the entire mining industry is closer to the abyss by the day.

In the mining regions of Asturias and Leon, workers’ anger at the threat to their future has taken the form of strikes and clashes with the police. While some believe that the miners think they are special in the face of the cuts the whole country is suffering; others admire them for defending their jobs and their regions. Faced with this perspective, the workers’ conflict has been projected beyond the initial demands to conglomerate popular discontent in the face of social setbacks and the lack of a solution to the crisis.

Ojos de Buey is a collection dedicated to documentary photography made in Spain in the last fifty years; a series of periodical publications, each one focused on a determined photographer’s work.


Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 52
Size 160 x 213 mm.