Scrolling After Sex

Leticia Sala


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Scrolling After Sex is Leticia Sala’s first book and Terranova’s first foray into the fiction genre. It is a compilation of almost everything she has written, from her first uploads to Fotolog, still a teenager, to the most mature text she thinks she has written, the rest is electricity, which you will find at the end of the volume.

This is a different book, a book made of small fragments, notes, doubts, even loose phrases. It has the quality of being many books in one. It is an intimate and courageous self-portrait of what it means to be a young and insecure woman in contemporary Barcelona. It is an intelligent and sharp reflection on the omnipresence of the Internet and its tentacles in the social and affective life of the millennia. It is a romantic novel, halfway between the idealization of reality and the demystification of fiction. This book is all that and much more. But first and foremost, Scrolling After Sex is the first-person testimony, the exhaustive and self-conscious documentation of the birth of a new literary voice. This book shows the babbles and imperfections, but also the determination, honesty and strength of a new author called to become one of the most singular and interesting personalities of the national literary panorama.

ISBN 978-84-948107-1-8
Edition First
Binding Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages 304
Size 139 x 205 mm.
Designer Marc Monguilod