Erik Kessels


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This experiment in minimal music serves as a soothing lullaby for people who find themselves separated from their favorite snorer, people pining for a snoring ex, or as the perfect soundtrack for people burning the midnight oil.

It’s the sound that keeps the earplug industry afloat. The sound that drives sleepless, bleary-eyed partners to beat their sleeping other-half with a pillow and into separate beds. Like a lot of popular music snoring is one of those noises that grows on you. At first it drives you past crazy until you’re verging on homicidal. And then, you get used to it; eventually it becomes familiar, comforting even.

Snoring on vinyl is a dream come true, a musical tribute to the only sound that can be described by one letter…Zzzzzzzzzz

Edition Limited to 300 numbered copies
Format 12" vinyl record
Size 300 x 300 mm.