Spiritual America

Richard Prince


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Published on the occasion of his 1989 exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art in Valencia, Spiritual America compiles his early “rephotography,” gangs, jokes and hoods, along with his various writings, making this book the best introduction available on a decade of work by the seminal artist, and an excellent example fo the the art itself.

Richard Prince’s work has been among the most innovative art produced in the United States during the past 40 years. He is considered to be the father of Appropriationism, often provoking controversy around issues of copyright in the art world. His deceptively simple act in 1977 of rephotographing advertising images and presenting them as his own ushered in an entirely new, critical approach to art making—one that questioned notions of originality and the privileged status of the unique aesthetic object.

Pilfering freely from the vast image bank of popular culture, Prince creates works that simultaneously embrace and critique a quintessentially American sensibility: the Marlboro Man, muscle cars, biker chicks, off-color jokes, gag cartoons, and pulp fiction.

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