Todo era Posible

Abel Cuevas, Manuel Moreno


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Todo era posible: Revistas underground y de contracultura en España: 1968-1983 [Everything was possible: Underground and counterculture magazines in Spain: 1968-1983] is a book about the publications that told in the story of an agitated, vibrant era that shaped Spanish popular culture.

In 1968, the idealism of the hippie movement and the May revolts in Paris gave rise to a spirit of youth revolution around the world which in Spain coincided with the relative openness of the end of the Franco regime. In 1983, the Movida madrileña was wiped out by institutions and companies, putting an end to its authenticity. Between both dates, one of the richest cultural periods of the country was lived in areas such as music, cinema or comics, largely caused by the spirit of the underground and counterculture.

In the more than 250 pages of this book, Manuel Moreno and Abel Cuevas show us the most outstanding magazines of that period, trying to make known one of the most unknown aspects of the much explored and exploited Democratic Transition, whose cultural effervescence did not come out of nowhere, but has roots and a context that are here clearer than ever.

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Edition First
Language Spanish
Binding Hardcover
Pages 260
Size 220 x 310 mm.