Tomorrow, Tomorrow, insha-Allah

Sara Cheikh


At the start of the Coronavirus outbreak, Sara flies from her home in Paris to visit her grandmother in Western Sahara. Fear grips the world and borders close around her. Stuck in the desert, Sara negotiates the culture clash between the Saharawi society she was born into and her Western upbringing, as she undergoes an odyssey where she faces starvation, arrest, and kidnapping while trying to cross the border into Algeria.

Tense, poignant and funny, this heartfelt first-hand account explores the life and lessons of the desert, the plight of the Sahrawi people, their struggle, and their stoic patience. At the same time, it addresses family ties, questions the meaning of cultural heritage and frames the universal desire to belong.

Edition First
Binding Hardcover
Pages 192
Size 125 x 200 mm.