Tropical Apache

Núria Marqués


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Tropical Apache is a book born from impulse. Artist Nuria Marqués began drawing recipes without any intention of turning it into a series, much less a book. Nuria never cooks, but, for some reason, she loves that when someone puts a dish in front of her, be it a friend or a stranger, they explain how they made it and then she then draws it and writes it down as a personal document of the lived, shared experience.

The book combines such disparate ideas as autobiographical notes (as it is still a memory of lived experiences), social commentary (as it is still a look at the absurd world of gastronomy, its limits and its sanity), the cultural celebration (as it is a wink to our most popular and beachy cuisine of beach bars and resorts) and the existential melancholy (as there is something excessively cheerful and colorful, and a mysterious riddle when one thinks that this is a book made by someone who hates cooking).

Terranova’s intention as an art book publisher is to limit its releases to short runs without future reissues. However, Tropical Apache’s success in the international market and the continued and explicit request by distributors, bookstores and the public for an English text edition has led us to create this limited edition with all of the book’s recipes translated. We took the opportunity to include the recipes that were left out in the first edition, and Nuria has made small illustrations and details to accompany the 23 pages of English translations.

ISBN 978-84-944187-3-0
Edition Second, expanded and translated to English
Binding Softcover
Pages 160
Size 146 x 210 mm.
Designer Ana Domínguez