Tuset Street

Guillem Celada (ed.)


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Publication of 27 facsimiles of the magazine section “Tuset Street” directed by Àngel Casas and published in the weekly Tele/Estel in 1967. It contains a fanzine with a text and an interview to Àngel Casas by Guillem Celada and an article by Maria Àngels Fortea.

Tuset Street is a name coined by photographer Oriol Maspons who in the mid-1960s summed up a location and a concept: that of a new and modern commercial hub in Barcelona, Tuset Street, which was so much, and wanted to be so much, that it was compared to London’s Carnaby Street.

The street even had its own section in the magazine Tele-estel, a weekly magazine in Catalan published between 1966 and 1970. It was published for 27 consecutive weeks on page 27 of the magazine and became a unique document to get to know the names themselves and to discover and delve into that cultural panorama that needed to be new. That is why the artist/historian Guillem Celada has wanted to compile this section in the form of a book together with an interview with Àngel Casas and the collaboration of M. Àngels Fortea, who has recently done a thesis on pop graphics in Catalonia.

Edition Limited to 100 numbered copies
Binding Softcover in kraft folder
Pages 27 loose sheets
Size 270 x 330 mm.