Un Chalet en la Gran Vía

Alberto Otto


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Un Chalet en la Gran Vía is the first book by Alberto Otto. It includes a series of very brief texts, in the truest Spanish tradition of playful language and love of the absurd, with a spirit that clearly refers to the astracanada or greguerías. Nevertheless, the author’s most acknowledged influence is that of his own grandfather, who told him impossible stories as if they were the most normal thing in the world. For example, his claim to have been in the military with Jesus Christ.

It is a deeply Madrilenian book, luminous, and good fun. It is a celebration of life, an observation of human behaviour and it is obsessed with details. It is the book of someone who has lived a lot, who has imagined even more and who is sensitive enough to merge reality and fantasy in a new world that makes things both unseparable and one hundred percent compatible.

ISBN 978-84-948107-9-4
Edition First
Binding Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages 104
Size 140 x 210 mm.
Designer Marc Monguilod