Underground y Contracultura en la Cataluña de los 70

Canti Casanovas, Pepe Ribas


The 1970s saw a whole series of movements of resistance to the Franco regime flourish in Catalonia with the common trait of their generous social and community spirit, most of them creatively conveyed in what amounted to a veritable cultural revolution in practically all disciplines, with particular emphasis on music, comics, theater, poetry and publishing.

This book takes as its starting point the exhibition Underground y contracultura en la Catalunya de los años 70, presented at the Palau Robert in Barcelona, to expand and complement it with the reproduction of a multitude of period documents compiled and commented by Pepe Ribas and Canti Casanovas, curators of the exhibition, who draw a script from the chronological arc of the seventies, adding their own personal view that grants them having been an active part—often with direct involvement—in the events described here.

Includes exclusive texts by Vicenç Altaió, Sara de Azcarate, Jordi Batiste, Ana Briongos, Juan Bufill, David Castillo, Paco Fanés, Antoni García Porta, Xefo Guasch, Nazario Luque, J. Mª Martí Font, Fernando Mir and Santiago Vilanova.

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ISBN 978-84-121495-8-6
Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 432
Size 240 x 310 mm.
Designer Juan Antonio Álvarez