Unlimited Prints #0: Mr. Stupid

Ignacio Navas


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This edition presents “Mr. Stupid”, a project that unravels the economic tensions that surround us, in the form of a visual diary of an endearing character.

Unlimited Prints is a new format that is committed to distributing original, non-serialized photographic work. Each box includes six photographs by one author and a 32-page narrative work written by another prominent figure.

The character takes his name from the famous phrase coined by James Carville, Bill Clinton’s campaign strategist in the 1992 campaign, “The economy, stupid”. This phrase is a creative myth, the origin of a culture and of Mr. Stupid, the representation of any inhabitant of the Western world, vulnerable to the ups and downs of the markets.
This project explores the identities created by capital. As when, due to economic competition, renovation companies place their advertising stencils overlapping each other, covering the contact phone number of rival companies. Small violences that define a culture.

This editorial proposal seeks to recover the format and distribution style of the old engravings. To do so, it takes their most representative formal elements and interprets them from a contemporary perspective, creating an edition of unlimited copies, printed by tritone with stochastic screening, at an affordable and democratic price.

Edition First
Binding Box with 6 prints and a booklet
Pages 32
Size 300 x 400 mm.