Leo Adef


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“WARP is the materialisation of a documentary project on which I have worked between 2018 and 2021. As a queer person, I am in constant search for my identity, questioning who I think I am and exploring who I can become. But I realised that this is a process that can not be done alone. Looking for my identity I met different people that have taught and inspired me, and with whom I have shared enriching and unforgettable experiences.

This book captures all these moments and the people, that just by being who they are, have taught me much more than what they are aware of and have inspired me to immortalise them in this publication. I hope that as it happened to me, this project inspires people that are feeling like I did before doing it.”

Leo Adef (1990) is an Argentinian director and photographer based in Barcelona. Their work explores identity, relationships, sexuality and intimacy, portraying their community and the people who inspire them, mixing documentary with fantasy.

Edition Limited to 200 copies
Binding Hardcover
Pages 202
Size 150 x 110 mm.