What Problems Can Artist Publishers Solve?

PrintRoom, Temporary Services


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Temporary Services booklet #118 is a collaboration with our old friends at PrintRoom in Rotterdam, produced in advance of a mini-showing of our Self-Reliance Library in July 2018. For this booklet we invited 17 artist publishers to respond to the question: Thinking locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally: What are some social, political, economic and ecological problems that artist publishers are equipped to address or solve using their knowledge, skills, and resources?

The result is a strong collection of texts (and images) with two pages given over to each contributor. To us, these represent some particularly vital thoughts about what artist publishers are capable of in this particular moment, with some great calls for solidarity, generosity, sharing, and experimentation.

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Edition Second printing, 2020
Binding Softcover
Pages 40
Size 140 x 216 mm.