¿Y Qué Comemos Mañana?

Andrés Ramírez Ruiz (ed.), Mª Isabel Torres Siller (ed.)


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¿Y Qué Comemos Mañana? [And what are we eating tomorrow?] is the first book of TableTimes. A biographical cookbook born out of gratitude. On the verge of turning 85, Grandma Fina–who is a grandmother to many more than her grandchildren–continues to teach us that the only constant in life is change. And that modernity is carried in the essence.

“Without a clear intention, in 2018 we started documenting Fina’s recipes during the weekends. Andrés with the camera, Isabel with the phone recorder. With images and her voice, we were collecting loose anecdotes that traveled in time and us with them, transporting us to times unknown to our generation: migrating leaving behind lands, relatives, the post-war, the lack of. Until one day we thought it would be nice to turn it all into a book portraying their lives.”

Author ,
Edition First
Language Spanish
Binding Softcover
Pages 296
Size 120 x 165 mm.