Yesterday’s Sandwich II

Boris Mikhailov


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Yesterday’s Sandwich II is the continuation to the book with the same name published in 2007, containing 90 before-seen superimposed images from the same series, selected by the artist.

One of the most influential photographers of the former Soviet Union, Boris Mikhailov developed in the late 60s a new method thanks to the evolving of photo-technology. Placing one developed film on another, he overlapped two color slides, creating these so-called “sandwiches.”

Previously unpublished due to artistic restrictions imposed during the Communist era, these complex and unusual images served as a metaphor for the worldview of the soviet man of the 60-70s, who began to realize the duality of soviet life and its life in the duality atmosphere, corresponding to the beginning of changes in society, the beginning of its democratization. Yesterday’s sandwich embodies Mikhailov’s role as artist, documentary photographer and social observer demonstrating his rich imagination and practical solutions for survival in an unstable society.

Edition First
Binding Hardcover
Pages 104
Size 170 x 245 mm.