Albert Riera, Carla Pérez Vas


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At the end of the Summer of 2017, we were contacted by Albert Riera Galcerán and Carla Pérez Vas because they wanted us to help them set up a small exhibition. They had spent some time in August doing abstract paintings, improvised dialogues on a canvas. One of them would approach and deliver a brushstroke, then the other, and so on until they both agreed that the painting was finished.

Their only ambition was to show the outcome and sell the paintings, that is, if anyone was interested in buying them.

As we did not have any space of our own that would provide a good setting for their work, and also in the hope that it would be more of a social and festive event than an artistic opening, we contacted photographer Nacho Alegre to see if he would be interested in arranging small exhibitions in Servicio Continuo, his bar on the Diagonal in Barcelona. Nacho loved the idea and once we settled on it with his partners, we got down to business. For the occasion, Terranova decided to publish a small catalogue with replicas of all the paintings. The catalogue was given as a gift on the day of the exhibition, and we have put the few remaining ones here for sale for a token price.

Our aim was to provide continuity for this project, organising small exhibitions on a regular basis which would include small publications similar to catalogues, but unfortunately, soon afterwards Servicio Continuo ended up changing hands and the adventure was limited to just one exhibition.

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