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Comte Borrell, 99
08015 Barcelona

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Wednesday-Saturday: 11-14h / 17-20h
Sunday: 10-14h


T. +34 615 55 40 11


Terranova was founded in 2013 as a production company, but soon turned its practice to publishing after photographer Rafa Castells asked film maker Luis Cerveró (the founder of Terranova) to help him publish his first book, called Schlecker.

Eight years and more than forty books later, Luis Cerveró decided to partner up with bouquiniste Lucía Boned to transform Terranova into a bookshop and a gallery, while still maintaining their publishing activities.

In the fall of 2021, after almost a year of restoration, Terranova opened its new facilities in an old XIX-century modernist shoe shop located in Barcelona’s Sant Antoni neighborhood.

Our goal is to bring to the city all sorts of books that are hard to find in other bookshops. Mostly international art publications, vintage rarities, self published fanzines, and children books.

We also held very small and specific monthly exhibitions, one in our back room, and another one in our left window display.



Lucía Boned

Luis Cerveró

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