Celestial Visitations II

Nil Fernández


In a clear allusion to the new age illustrator Gilbert Williams, who in 1979 published Celestial Visitations, this new artist books wants to continue exploring the skies and lights from a perspective that is both deeply spiritual and purely aesthetical, without leaving aside a strong introspective approach.

Celestial Visitations II is, despite of its title, the first book by young artist Nil Fernández.

The 23 images comprising this volume are divided into three. First come the morning light bodies, the good-natured beings. Then the afternoon entities, that are destructive. And last the night bodies, the untouchable ones.

ISBN 978-84-124366-6-2
Edition First, 300 copies
Binding Softcover
Pages 44
Size 290 x 370 mm.
Designer Nil Fernández