Gong! #3

Arnau Pi


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The third issue of Gong! is dedicated to the illustrator and graphic designer Arnau Pi, linked to the Barcelona music scene, and especially to the electronic label Hivern Discs, for which he has created a solid image through their covers and posters.

Arnau has gone beyond the previous two issues, transcending the task of playing with the content and taking a step further to explore the format of Gong! itself. The dimensions are the same as the two previous issues, but Arnau has wanted to use monochromatic printing on a rotary press, which seeks the graphic and chromatic force of the classic press of contrasting blacks and whites, while highlighting the fragility of printing and the unstoppable degradation of ink and paper. On the other hand, he decided to replace the triptych that contained the Offset interview with a cardboard printed in letterpress that at the same time serves as a physical protection of the weak consistency of the newsprint.

In terms of content, Arnau claims the analogical image in a series of abstract exercises based on the optical distortion made through the use of photocopies. In its execution and manipulation, Arnau has set aside tools such as the PhotoShop or the Illustrator, and has focused on the exclusive use of manual techniques perfectly possible two or three decades ago. Looking for error, chance and observation, Arnau manages to gather a series of images that plunge the spectator into organic and infinite places that refer to the lysergic and psychedelic tradition.

The interview that accompanies the publication was conducted by John Talabot, musician, DJ and producer responsible for Hivern, with whom Arnau Pi has maintained a friendly and professional relationship since both coincided in the late record company and musical promoter Sinnamon, at the beginning of the century.

Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 56
Size 270 x 370 mm.