I’m okay

Anna Izquierdo Gilabert


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Composed by two separate volumes, I’m okay reflects on the use of photography during feminine adolescence.

I’m okay is the first book by the Barcelona-based photographer and artist Anna Izquierdo Gilabert.

The author revisits her own images as a teenager to draw a line between them and those of other girls from different historical periods who, like her, have used photography as a resource for self-knowledge, staging, experimentation and presumed control of their own appearance.

One volume contains an essay articulated through four letters in which Anna Izquierdo Gilabert addresses four young women to discuss their self-portraits. Some of the main themes in her writing are the use of mirrors, theatricalization, self-sexualization, distorting filters and the birth of social networks.

The second volume is a photo book, in which the author returns to her old self-portraits to trace relations between them and the many portraits she has more recently taken of teenager women, underlining the universality of feelings like discomfort, doubt, or fragility in adolescence.

The title of the book intends to sum up the mysterious feelings of adolescent women, between feeling good and feeling bad, between being a child and being an adult, and, in short, between being able and being unable to express clearly how one feels.

ISBN 978-84-124366-4-8
Edition First, 300 copies
Binding Double Volume – Perfect Bound
+ Exposed Smyth Sewn Binding
Pages 64 + 104
Size 164 x 228 mm.
Designer Albert Pérez Casado