Postcards from Home

Roc Herms


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Roc Herms was part of this community almost from the beginning, and after being surprised by the number of people who decided to spend New Year’s Eve 2009 in a virtual party, he decided to turn his avatar into a photographer, and graphically document all his encounters and dialogues, since one of the characteristics of Home is that it turned online chats into comic sandwiches for the characters.

Postcards from Home gathers the work of more than five years, the same ones that Home was in active, a virtual community platform created and managed by Sony for its Playstation 3 consoles.

Along the way, which can be enjoyed as a graphic novel, but also as an autobiography, a photographic report, or an anthropological study. Roc captures his encounters and conversations with different people, in what ends up being an x-ray of contemporary society, and the changes in the habits and behaviours of virtual realities.

ISBN 978-84-944187-5-4
Edition First
Binding Softcover
Pages 422
Size 195 x 275 mm.
Designer Bendita Gloria