Random Pictures Book

Cristina Stölhe


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Random Pictures Book captures a stream of images generated almost compulsively by Cristina Stölhe with her mobile phone, trying to transfer to paper the feeling of accumulation, excess, disorder and lack of technical quality of mobile phone photography. The page becomes a serialized grid of 9 images that follow each other without apparent structure from cover to back, as if it were a long and suffocating vertical scroll.

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Throughout its pages there are harmonic sequences and cacophonous collisions of random content, found portraits, detailed documentation, cubist details, formal variations around the same subject, and the reiteration of some leitmotifs that the author is obsessed with, such as the elderly, nuns, construction worksites and museums.

The book is a limited edition of 200 copies, with four different covers. When placing an order, please remember to choose the desired option.

ISBN 978-84-948107-3-2
Edition Limited to 200 copies
Binding Softcover, 4 different covers
Size 230 x 300 mm.
Designer Eme Rock