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The Left Window

Terranova devotes its smaller, left hand window display to a different artist every month. In barely one square meter, we will showcase anything from sculpture to ceramics, toys or furniture from local designers, artists and artisans.

On view: Albert Riera Galceran

Cuanto más vives, más espacio necesitas

20.04.22 – 15.05.22

“The more you live, the more space you need” is a piece made of a structure of cardboard boxes in which coexist a series of objects and images that tell a story about heartbreak and a fragile transition to a new emotional state.

A staircase composed of wax relics that reach an orange, a gun (slingshot), garlic skins, a coral in resin, a glove with burnt matches on the fingers, a candle, an egg, etc. The title of the piece comes from self storage company Bluespace’s slogan.